GxG Format


The GxG Format (or YxZ Format) is a notation system based off of the Gender-Loving-Gender system, used to describe orientation relationships between the host and the source of attraction, as well as general gender combinations. The G in GxG refers to 'gender', whilst x symbolises 'love' or 'attraction'. YxZ is similar, though the genders are denoted as variables Y and Z, representing the host and source of attraction respectively.

The format was created by author Jeb_CC as a way of describing orientations without the need for coined labels. Due to the nature of the format, the potential combination and list of orientations is limitless, and all orientations are definable and readable as long as one understands the notation. The notation was designed to be read out loud, following English grammar and sentence structuring. For example, 'fNB x ~AX&!M' would be read as 'Feminine Non-Binary loving fluctuating Agendered Xenics and non-Men'.

Note: Spaces or parentheses can be used to help separate or distinguish particularly complex or long notation. Though it isn't necessary to use and does not have any influence on the orientation described; noting however that excessive spacing can make terms harder to search for.

GxG Format Genders
F or W Women
f Feminine
M Men
m Masculine
L Androgyne
l Androgynous
NB Non-Binary
N Neutral or Neutrois
A Agender
a Agenine
Q Queer
X Xenic
x Xenine
O Outherine or Other
? Unknown or Unspecified
@ All or any genders
2 2 genders (any number can be used)
GxG Format Notation
Description Placement Read As Example Example Explanation
x Loving or Attracted To Between Loving/Attracted to FxM Women loving Men
& To add on another gender, not to be confused with combining two genders into one, i.e. Androgyne. Between And NBM


Non-Binary Men

Non-Binary and Men

/ Or Between Or F/M Women or Men
+ Plus undescribed more After And/or more M+ Men and more
% -Ish or sort of After -ish F% Womenish
# Similar or like After And similar F# Women and similar
! Dissimilar, not, or non Before / After Not/Non- / And dissimilar !N Non-Men
~ Fluid gender or fluid between genders Before Fluctuating ~F


Fluctuating Women

Fluctuating between Men and Women

^ Preferring Before Preferring ^M Preferring Men
Example Labels converted to GxG Format
Label GxG Format Read as
Bisexual ?x2+ Anyone loving 2 and/or more genders
Pansexual ?x@ Anyone loving all genders
Sapphic F/NB x F/NB Women or Non-Binary loving Women or Non-Binary
Neptunic ? x F/NB Anyone loving Women or Non-Binary
Iridian F&NB x F&NB Women and Non-Binary loving Women and Non-Binary