Prefix: Fauna-
Main Umbrella: Biogender

Gender(s): Any animal related genders

Faunagender is a gender that is, in some way, influenced by or related to animals, the prefix 'fauna-' meaning 'animal life'.[1][2] Faunagender can be used as a specific gender related to many animals, or as a gender related to animals in general. Faunagender can also be used as an umbrella term for many genders that are related to specific animals (such as felinegender or caninegender).

Possible Interpretations

Faunagender is/can be a gender that is:

  • Affected by animals or by one's personal connection to animals.
  • Related to one's theriotype or kintype as a kingender.
  • Only present when around animals.
  • Has the characteristics of various animals.
  • An expression of animal aesthetics.
  • Connected to animals.


Faunagender was coined by Tumblr user Nooklicker on or before August 26, 2014.[1]

Related Terms

Label Relationship Description Difference
Faunagenital Counterpart An altersex form referring to individuals who wish to have sex characteristics and/or genitalia similar to that of an animal. Faunagenital is the altersex counterpart to faunagender.
Floragender Similar A gender that is influenced by or related to plants. Floragender refers to plants, in comparison to animals.
Kingender Similar A gender related to one's kintype. Faunagender can be related to kingender but isn't always.

Prefixes and Suffixes

Label Prefix / Suffix Flag Description Creator(s)
Faunafluid -fluid [3] One's gender changes depending on what animal(s) they're near or generally interacting with.[3] Snotdrips[3]

Flags and Symbols

The faunagender flag was designed by pride-color-schemes on July 30, 2016.[4] The alternate flag was created by wiki user Robinary on January 3, 2021, the hoof symbol used originating from[5]


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